21 November 2005

G.O.B. moments

oh my gosh. these just crack me up...

from Amigos

Michael: So I thought you might want to read it seeing as how you are the President now, even though it’s just a title.

G.O.B.: Right... yes, Well, we should “circumverent union penalties.”

Michael: Circumvent.

G.O.B.: Circumverate...

Michael: “Circumvent.” It means “to go around.”

G.O.B.: The old “reach around.”

from Let Them Eat Cake

G.O.B.: What about hash browns?

Kitty: No, because hash browns are potatoes.

G.O.B.: So, you really can’t eat anything on this diet. Wow, I wonder how this is going to affect my honey business.

Kitty: G.O.B., I have seen you get passed over, time and time again by your family. You don’t deserve that, you’re smarter than them.

G.O.B.: What about macaroni... let me finish... salad?

from The Immaculate Election

Michael: What do you need the camera for?

G.O.B.: I’m making a magic video. I’m going to tape myself doing tricks around the office. I’m calling it Tricks... let me finish... Around the Office. I figured out a way to make money while I’m working.


jesse said...

hey, isn't it funny how we still comment on each other's blogs?! even though we're MARRIED?! hahahaha...i can't stop laughing. SO much.

Josh said...

yeah, you are hilarious.