18 November 2005

i can't even write how happy i am

oh my gosh. this is incredible. my hard drive crashed last year taking many documents and pictures and everything else with it. well, i got most things back, however, amongst these recovered items my music (the actual written out copies in Cakewalk) were no where to be found. this was incredibly dissapointing to me because (and you can ask scott) i spent a lot of time writing these things out years ago because i enjoyed it so much. there were several that just meant a lot to me (so i put them on my website) and i didnt think i'd ever see them again. but! i just recently found the old Cakewalk Demo CD that i'd used back 5 years ago and installed it on my computer at work. i just called Hazel Hawn (i cant think of the link where i wrote about her) and was trying to find where i wrote about her when i thought i'd look at my music page i decided to download them all and listen to them when it occured to me that cakewalk can open up midi files. so i figured, "i don't know. what the heck?" and it brought up the sheet music! incredible! my lost music is back! i mean, i dont know if i'll ever play them again, but they mean so much to me. The Star Spangled Banner i wrote for Jordan's Eagle ceremony, Hymn to the Fallen we played on senior night. i mean, i'm just... so happy.

thank you, God. You're unbelievable.

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