20 March 2006

03.17 - 03.19

thanks to everyone who came out to my st. josh's day party. i had a great time. i hope you guys did too.

and a special thanks to my amazing wife; her talents and gestures unappreciated much too often. thank you very much, jess.

(also a special overdue thanks to billiard (without who we'd never see a movie in the theater) for getting us into V for Vendetta (IMAX).

ALSO, thanks to corey for making the trek (via airplane, of course) up from Florida to visit with us. a good time was had by all.


scott said...

thats a great picture of me!


Josh said...

yeah what a great face to capture.

jesse said...

:: Corey is NOT Japanese ::

...or is she? she did like that dragon an awful lot. hmm.

Corey said...
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Corey said...

I'm all about being a tiny Asian woman...execpt the whole seafood thing, red hair, green eyes, and the whole being a giant there thing...I did love the dragon..it was sooo beautiful!