17 March 2006

babe, i've got to ramble

what is it about kittens that just breaks my heart? yeah they're cute, but is it just limited to that? i mean, i guess this sounds lame, but they really have a huge impact on me (and cats in general i suppose). our neighbor had 6 kittens several weeks back and has been looking to give them away. they are just the greatest bunch of little animals. i mean, when you're playing with a tiny cat, it's just like nothing else in the world matters. you have no problems in life because of this creature's presence. they just bring a joy to my life that i love. but our neighbor is giving them away today to an adoption agency thing. they sounded pretty reputable, but the thought of breaking up sibling kittens just tears me up. sure they wont remember it, but i will. and i'm just amazed at how fast i get attached to them. like that brother and sister we found last year, it was SO hard giving them away and finding the right people. i cant even tell you how happy i was when a family took both of them. man, such attachment. i mean, it's such a great feeling raising something. you're responsible for it's attitude and behavior and whatnot; such possibilities. i cant even IMAGINE how a kid must be. at least when they get older they'll realize how thankful they are they we raised them. dudley wont ever know. don't you find the concept of pets a bit odd? we shelter and feed and take care of this animal (that could survive on it's own) and in return we get the company of the animal. i think it's kind of weird. gosh i hate to see those cats go.

this is definitely one of those days that i wish i could be anywhere doing anything other than work. i just want to go home and do something i love. i'm not loving work right now. i'm bored. and when i want to work less i feel bad because everyone here work's so damn much. it's like no one realizes just how much time they're throwing away. even though it's meant to sound cheesy, i like in Planes, Trains, & Automobiles when John Candy says, "Like your work. Love your wife." i guess that could be interpretted different ways. but to me it says that the job isn't no.1 (or even no.2 for that fact). i gotta get out of here.

holy Lord, i just want to play music. and if You'll allow it, i'll use that gift for Your glory until the day i die. (amen) (please let me)

i think when i get really tired i get too introspective. or i fall asleep.

(so that was a weird entry.)

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