24 April 2006

Rule No. 1

"Should participants stand on the coolers or chairs, they will be asked to sit down. If they do not comply, they will be removed from the event."

i thought this was sort of a stupid rule they put out there for the Rites of Spring festival. i mean, i was like, "who stands on a cooler?" but, i was wrong. dead wrong. there couldnt have been more people standing on coolers. i was only able to capture one on film though. stupid vanderbilt-ians.

the event in general was pretty fun. although, we were quite late to it and ended up missing Bone Thugs (which was the whole reason jess wanted to go on Saturday) and came in about midway through Matt Pond PA. it was less like a concert and more like a college social event. about this, i was none too impressed. also, tickets were $25/day, $40/weekend pass, however vanderbilt students got in the whole thing for $10. double dang.

and while there's no cooler involved here, i can't imagine this is within the "no standing on chairs or coolers" regulations. thank you kind, woman.

but Ben Folds rocked. it was lot of fun watching him play piano. i didn't know that his actual name was Benjamin Scott Folds. i just figured it was some variation of "Ben" and/or "Folds." i got a cool sticker that's black and just says "FOLDS" in white letters on it. it's pretty sweet.

man we were lazy this weekend. seriously. i hate it when i'm really lazy all weekend and then by sunday afternoon i've just had it with my unproductiveness so much that i stay up late trying to accomplish anything i can, therefore creating a long monday, like today.

and what's the deal with Myspace? geez. you'd think somebody just invented a better way to slice bread! and the layouts! holy crap, they're so horrible looking. i mean, truly bad web design on whoever's part. i just dont get it. am i missing something?


Corey said...

A) so jealous about you all seeing Ben Folds. Which songs did he play?
b) don't throw down on myspace (I think mine is really pretty) also where else can you stalk people from grade school and jr. High like on myspace and pretend to still be friends?

scott said...

stupid vanderbuilt pricks!
think they're so smart...

scott said...

and some people can make some pretty cool layouts... i think my page is:


its pretty basic- i put more time into facebook

Josh said...

A) he played all the good ones, EXCEPT, "Landed" and "The Luckiest."

B) touché... i think.

it's neat how you can "network" with old friends, but i was just blown away at how bad all of the myspace templates looked (not refering to yours in particular or anything).

Josh said...

prove it. show me a tasteful looking myspace page.

Josh said...

okay okay. your's doesn't look bad, scott. in fact, it's downright acceptable.

although, i dont know if i'd be sportin' that picture or not...


Corey said...

did you check out mine? you can get to it from Jesse's blog.