10 April 2006

Stupid Babies Need the Most Attention

I haven’t been this excited on a Monday since I got married. I bought a keyboard this weekend and it will be delivered to me on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. I am so excited; “teeming” if you will. In a way, I’ve been looking forward to this for the past 7 years or so (ever since I took piano lessons in high school). And what a process this was. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself over the past month (and how to handle things of this nature in the future). I was given a keyboard by my parents for my birthday a month ago and it’s been an interesting “journey” of sorts. I started with a $650 gift and ended up with a $1700 investment. Now, I realize that may sound insane at first, but if you did the research I did and had the same appreciation for quality in an instrument, you probably wouldn’t immediately crap your pants. It’s a Yamaha s90es and it’s best blend of synthesizer and actual piano on the market today. It has 640 voices, 65 drum kits, and an amazing piano sound. It’s a full 88 with weighted keys and hammer effect (so it feels very much like a piano).

I could talk about it for a while (and probably will once I get it), but I’m mostly writing to document this last… month. It’s been stressful. And I wish I could blame it on anything or anyone other than me, but I don’t think I can. I’ve always known that I obsess over things past the point of being healthy, but it wasn’t till now that I realized how bad it was. I guess a couple weeks back I was at church and the whole time all I could think about was the keyboard or some factor involved with said keyboard. After that I realized that I was actually worshipping this tangible thing and that my priorities were way off from where they should’ve been. And it sounds really bad like I was bowing down to this keyboard or something. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, but because of my attitude and where I allowed my mind to wander, it was pretty much worship. So, that was really uncomfortable to learn.

Then, the next week, I almost lost $1200 from a scam on eBay. This really hurt my confidence in myself and others. I felt so stupid and embarrassed by the fact that I pretty much fell for this guy’s scam. It went as follows: I had bid on this keyboard and lost by one bid, then, a week later, I got an email from eBay about a 2nd chance offer (which I had never seen nor heard about before). Well, to make a long story short, because of my excitement at this possibility, I didn’t notice many things that should’ve been bright red warning flags on a normal day. And if it weren’t for one of my friends at work, I would definitely feel considerably more stupid than I do today.

eBay Lesson For the Day: if a questionable "eBay message" doesn’t appear in your “My Messages” folder in the “My ebay” section, it’s bogus; plain and simple.

So here I am now, tired and a bit shaken from this whole thing. In fact, I’m afraid to even let myself get excited until it’s in my hands and I’ve checked it out. Anywho, that’s not a very hopeful note to end this on, so how about this… it’s a verse a guy sent a scammer who tried to rip him off. I really like it.

Micah 2:1-3

Woe to you who lie awake at night, plotting wickedness; you rise at dawn to carry out your schemes; because you can, you do. You want a certain piece of land or someone else's house (though it is all he has); you take it by fraud and threats and violence. But the Lord God says, "I will reward your evil with evil; nothing can stop me; never again will you be proud and haughty after I am through with you."

How’s that for righteous indignation?

Actually, here are TWO positive notes to end on:

1.) God watches over us; even when we act stupidly and put Him on the backburner. (Even though I was mis-prioritizing, I was still praying about the decision fairly often.)

2.) I have the most awesome and understanding wife in the world. Jesse has shown me a great deal of respect and patience throughout this entire ordeal. I can only pray that I treat her as well as she did me in the future. Thank you, babe.


jesse said...

respect and patience aren't always my strong suits so. you're welcome. :*

Corey said...

will it be there by the time I get there on in May?

Josh said...

it get's here today or tomorrow!

i'll be an s90 master by May!

Corey said...

ok so I'm putting a request in for Ben Folds songs...learn and study them my friend!

Josh said...

(soon to be) done and done.