04 April 2006

Josh & Jess hang out* with Mates of State

*well... not really.

BUT we did go see them sunday night at The End (which is the biggest dive i've ever been to second to knoxville's The Pilot Light.) and just in case you haven't read my wife's blog about it yet (which she wrote that night after the concert at 1:30am!) i thought i should put up some pictures too. they really were a lot of fun to see. lots of energy and... fun. i mean, their music is fun, but the CDs don't do them any justice. and loud! good grief. we were right beside the drums so that didn't help, but my ears were still ringing yesterday afternoon. (i think they're fine now). i think best part of the evening was (besides getting to see this somewhat rare performance in our neck of the woods) getting to see jesse that excited about something. i could tell she was just tickled pink by the whole thing and i just really enjoy seeing that.

some guy stole their drumsticks after the show. that really made me mad. i just... the more i thought about it the more upset i got about it. and i just sat there and watched him do it like i didn't even realize what he was doing. what an ass. this just in: don't steal stuff from people. idiot.


Corey said...

Are you still sick and dying????

Josh said...


Corey said...

how about now? Still sick and dying of the plague?

Josh said...

pretty much. but things seem to be looking up.

Anonymous said...

this is kori diamond. i work next door to that place at ny cafe, so you guys should stop by when you are back in the neighbourhood.

Josh said...

why on earth did you post a comment so far down on my blog?? i would've never found it had i not had comments emailed to me. sheesh. let's take it up top, ok?

(also... good to hear from you!)

oh i see. you work next to The End. i gotcha. i work about 3 blocks down on the corner of 19th and West End.