17 April 2006

welcome to the terrordome

this is Dudley's Cat Terror Tower we just finished this weekend. i'm really quite proud of it actually. it came out exactly how i drew it. my dad helped with the construction and jess helped with the carpeting (which is really not that fun at all). but all in all, i think it looks pretty dang good. and it only cost me $30 (plus time, i suppose).

hopefully, Dudley can have some friends over to play soon.


toddman4000 said...

with jesse sitting there it reminds me of those toys that require adult supervision - and those commercials of the toys like the powerwheels or whatever and theres always conveniently a mom watering her flowers and smiling and waving in the background.

what are the apertures for? and where's the dvd rack? and where can i get my own dudley brand dudley tower?

Josh said...

a) dudley is only 2, todd. give him a freakin' break. (granted, he's very mature for his age.)

b) you're either refering to 1) the diameter of the stop in an optical system that determines the diameter of the bundle of rays traversing the instrument, or 2) the holes in the box. for now i will assume the latter. those are for his Dudley fists of fury and their intense, intense flailing. (also, he likes to jump through them.)

c) over by the television.

d) if dudley decides this Dudley Tower® displeases him and takes a Monster Dudley Dump® in it, consider this one yours.