05 June 2006

the last 2½ days

this was outside my building this morning...

so sweet. and it wasn't alone!

this weekend was fun. not an unusually large amount or anything, but fun. friday, we hung out at the Nash's and drank sangria and played TV scene it (which my team lost at due to HG-like behavior coming from the girl's team). here's their evil cat...

my gosh it's evil. (so evil i couldn't even get a focus on it.)

saturday i help some Boy Scouts pick up trash and stuff. jess and i caught up on sleep and then quickly threw it away saturday night by staying up till 3. we watched Do The Right Thing with Scott and his pharmacy friends. that was fun and a really good movie. it comes highly recommended... by me.

jesse's new 'windows'...

sunday, we overslept, missed morning church, missed the potluck thing that we really meant to go to, went shopping, got a new camera bag and card reader, installed new speakers in jesse's civic, hung out with scott, opted out of evening church due to laziness and scott's visit, watched Matchpoint (which was good but i really dont like that kind of movie), and finally, finished watching part II of the LOST season 1 finale.

look at this stupid shirt we saw in the mall. i'm really just... stupified about it. i couldn't even begin to make fun of this, i mean, what could you possibly say? really, only the question "why?" comes to mind.

this is kind of cool. do a wikipedia search of your birthday and look at all the things that happened and the people who were born/died on that day throughout history.

things of interest on my birthday:
- i share it with: Catherine O'Hara & Steven Weber
- and John Candy died on it

well, nothing incredibly fascinating, but i always wanted to know.


Corey said...

So I found out that Jesus was most likely actually born on my birthday!

Josh said...