02 June 2006

That's MR. Hunter to you, Scumbucket.

yeah, i like the way that sounds.

i got some new sunglasses! and on top of that, they're perscription, polarized, and made by bollé. not to mention, they look incredible on me. all in all, i'm rather excited about them. (jesse got some too. i'll have to get a picture of hers.)

saw X-Men III last night. ...none. too. pleased. in fact, i think "offended" might be a better description. i had heard it was bad, but i was like, "it's X-Men! come on!" well, i was wrong. it was like they took all the characters from X-Men and just made up some random story line involving Dark Phoenix and made a movie about that. i'm sure kids will love it, but ...yeah, i didn't.

...okay, so it wasn't ALL completely fabricated, but for the most part.

Jean Grey

The Dark Phoenix Saga


Corey said...

you look so...so...angry...emotionless...like theres no fun to be had...so I think it works for you!

Josh said...

you left out "awesome."

Corey said...

uhhhh you look awesome...