10 June 2006

rave-ing it up on a friday night

just got back from the Drum and Bass night at Cannery Ballroom (and then waffle house). it was awesome. 3 hrs of sweet drum n bass. serious bass too. like when you put your hand in front of a subwoofer and can feel the air coming off, well, it was like that only we were 30 ft from the speakers and i could feel the air everwhere. pretty incredible.

jesse says, "it's miller time."

also, please note the time of posting. it's been a long time since i stayed up so late the sun started coming back up.


Corey said...

Sounds like you had a great Friday night! Dare I ask how your Saturday was? Awesome pic of the glow sticks!!!! Makes me miss my good olde rave days (ok maybe I never had rave days...but those youth group get togethers sure got crazy!)

Josh said...

saturday... we took it easy.

huh. i'm STILL tired. but it was really cool. not the same "cool" as youth group get-togethers, but, you know... cool.

jesse said...

if you'll remember, sweetie darling..., we went to see aNOTHER band on Saturday. this was pretty much a weekend of music (not to be confused with THE WEEKEND OF MUSIC coming up).
We were so rundown on Saturday night! Poor Kori Diamond(an old friend) saw us pretty much at our worst and still said nice things! ha.