13 June 2006

this is off the woxy.com site

WOXY.COM: Bonnaroo Tickets WINNER!

Hearty congrats are in order to WOXY.COM Member Josh Hunter, who was a little bit in shock on the phone and said that he "never wins anything." We think it is safe to say his luck has turned around this week. He's headed to Bonnaroo courtesy of Devotchka and WOXY.COM! Don't forget your sunscreen Josh and we expect a full report next week.

Josh's $9.95 membership fee just turned into over $400 worth of free tickets! If you haven't signed up yet, follow this link to join now: http://www.woxy.com/support/

how insane is that? man. i'm flabbergasted.


Billy H. said...

Congrats! Thats awesome! $400 dollars worth of tickets must be a lot.

Josh said...

a lot of tickets? i gots 2.

i still cant believe i won those. need a ticket billy?

Billy H. said...

If I knew I could get off for the weekend, yeah I would go.

scott said...

sure i'd love to go! thanks for asking!


(actually i think i'll be on a family trip at that time)

Corey said...

it's ok Scott...he didn't offer me one either (But Jesse did!!!) but alas I'm rafting and camping this weekend or else well I'd so be there! Enjoy Nickel Creek friend!!!

scott said...

i was totally just messsing around - i am busy that weekend (working or taking a trip)- and i think we both knew that i didnt really want to go-- so its all good-! (do you want a DCI ticket?! hehe)

Corey said...

Josh, I hope you were able to sell the tickets and make some sweet moo-la and enjoy the concert!

Josh said...

yep. i was able to sell mine just fine and then use the upgraded ones for me and jess. it worked out rather well.

plus the people i sold them to got a good deal (and i got most of my trip paid for!)