05 November 2007

Cats and Travellers

this weekend ashleigh(sp?) and zack(sp?) stopped by on their way from georgia to... alaska. that's right. they're moving to anchorage and driving that way as we speak. how crazy is that? part of me is very jealous, but a bigger part is not so much and wants to give them all my warm clothes. they're from florida. man, they are in for a frosty treat. while they were here we gave them the nashville driving/eating tour (i think we're getting pretty good at it!).

i guess this is random, but sunday when i woke up from napping/passing out (we were up very late with Ashlack (see above) to a very interesting yellow light in the room. it was just the most yellow sunlight i can remember. it was cool, so i took a picture.

i also borrowed tim's external flash and played around with it.

three things i'm a sucker for (sucker meaning i'll take a picture of it irregardless of how "phototastic" it'll come out): sunsets/clouds, jesse, and the cats. and from here on out, it's cats cats cats.

it was actually a really enjoyable weekend. it's always rewarding when you actually utilize that free time instead of just throwing it away. it sucks when someone asks you what's going on and all you can think of is "just workin'." so this weekend, we spent the several hours gathering the necessary photos for our christmas card. then we cleaned the apt (so nice to have a clean place. i forget how nice too often), then ashlack came in and we toured and watch Meet the Robinsons (which i HIGHLY recommend. it was hilarious and really touching.)

(maeby was mid-meow. so precious.)

and because i'm just so excited about it, here's a taste of this year's hunter Christmas card...


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

superb post, my dear. i mean top notch! great shot of Maebers out/in focus. It's my new screensaver. :*

Billy H. said...

That is a great pic of Dudley at the bottom. I am considering making that my wallpaper!

scott said...

i really like that picture of duds and maebey together...


can you send me a higher res shot of that nashville skyline black+white with the color reflection on the water? I have that as my background right now, but its just one a photoshopped out from your flickr thing...it looks good, but i bet the original is better... holla

Josh said...

yeah, i hardly ever catch them laying together (during the day at least), so i ran and grabbed my camera. i have another one where maybe has her mouth have open, but it's not really infocus.

and yeah definitely. what's your resolution? i can go ahead and size it.