07 November 2007

From the Archives

i took this first one a while back after i'd gotten the fisheye. it wasn't anything fancy, but i had fun with this post-processing and it's pretty much exactly what i was wanting to do. not necessarily from the start, but sometimes it's hard to figure out how to produce what you see in your head in photoshop. not that there's not a way to do just about anything, but that it can be challenging to just figure out how to do something for the first time. photoshop just has so many options everywhere.

i took this one the same day at the one above. trying a slightly different more advanced approach to the gradient change (color -> B&W). this time i did the fade from one layer to another instead of just within a layer (got help from this tutorial. super helpful.

this 3rd one was from the Bloc Party show. it's not incredible either but i really enjoy it. somehow at 10x zoom i got Kele shaking his hair to come in very sharp. and of course the people's hands up add another dimension. it's fun, but it's part of my life.

i think there are a couple more pics that have caught my eye today. i'll be back with more.

i'm back. this is from Paolo Nutini at the Wildhorse Saloon. that place was like a rock-opera concert hall. and with 3 floors, it was just pretty dang awesome.

saw this sign on our way back to our car.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Well the top one makes a sweet background...if you don't have anything on your desktop that you need to find. :( :*

Josh said...

haha. yeah it is a tad busy.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Hip-hopera House?

Josh said...

correctamundo... wait, no. no that's not right. no "hip." hopera, yes. hip, no.

Joe Southards said...

In the Printer's Alley pic I like how you catch your reflection perfectly in the Fiddle & Steel's door.

Josh said...

oh wow. i totally didn't even see that. that's weird. good find! i usually look over every inch of my pictures... i wonder how i missed that.