07 November 2007

My 10.5mm Fisheye vs. the Sigma 10-20mm

so lately i've really been considering getting this Sigma 10-20mm. so i went to try it out the other day at wolf camera (those guys crack me up; they actually think i'm going to buy something from them at full price right when i walk in the door... funny guys). i was rather surprised at how LESS wide it is than my fisheye. i guess that's my fault and that IS the point of a fisheye (to grab way more than any regular lens), but i didn't see that coming.

standing in the same place, i took these...

Sigma 10-20mm

Nikon 10.5mm

when i overlap them, i get something like this...

crazy, eh? so the 10mm is wide, but not NEARLY as wide as the fisheye. however it still stands that it produces much less distorted images than the fisheye. oh well. not sure what to do now.

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