11 November 2007

The Secret to Cat Photography

as you may know, i am a bit of a cat enthusiast and from time to time dabble in amateur cat portrait photography. well recently i borrow an external flash from my uncle tim (it functions with my camera but apparently doesnt communicate, so i have to do everything manually.) and last night discovered that IT is the secret to successful cat portraits.

this guy has been a very big inspiration to me. and i always wondered HOW he took such wonderfully lit shots. well, i took these last night in our apt with nothing but the bathroom light on in the background... THAT'S how you keep they're pupils so big! so wonderful!

(dudley hides from maeby... a lot)

look at this towering inferno of kitten!

(maeby may or may not have initiated this flight.)

(i see this view a lot in the mornings)

anyway, they aren't all amazing, but it's definitely a start! so who wants pet portraits??


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Several of the Stella shots are good...can't wait to see what Maudd thinks.

Corey Ann said...

So I totally laughed at the one Maeby in flight becasue it reminded me of her bouncing on and off of me all night long when I was on your couch!