13 November 2007

"Knoxville in the Fall." Colon, "Where Did the Hunters Go? The Jesse Hunter Story. By Jesse Hunter, with Josh Hunter."

(done using the gradient layer mask in photoshop. i like it.)

went to knoxville this past weekend. for what reason? well, i'm still not really sure, but it was a fun trip. i felt it was one of our best efforts when it came to spreading a limited time out amongst friends.

we got up there about 11pm friday night and went straight to mandy's where we caught up on her time abroad. (it's so funny seeing someone in the exact same place i was 3 years after coming back from Hungary. you really know what they're going through (withdrawl-wise).) jordan came over, we went out for some serious carbohydrates (beer and frieds), came back and crashed.

got up the next morning and headed over to our old college church (the one and only CSF), walked around some, took some pictures, felt nostalgic, and waited for todd's girlfriend, murry, to come pick us up. saw this:

(this guy was driving around on game day. clearly he has too much money.)

then it was off to todd's new employment residence. (and not to be outdone by murry's mom, say hello to The Adventures of Todd & Stella: You Ask Us for North Face One More Time and I'm Going to Let Stella Have Her Way With You... or something like that. i'm still working on the subtitle.)

or, the classic zoom. (i've really been enjoying this whole "fade between layers" thing.)

here's another. i think he's about to drive into the Take On Me video...

THEN while everyone was watching football, we went to see The Darjeeling Limited. although it's the most "irregular" of the Anderson films, i do recommend it. (Wes is always good for a few tragically hilarious moments.) but before that, walked around the greenway over near farragut, i believe. i love this next picture...

i enjoyed photographing the tiny stella. (there are several more pictures where these came from...)

and finally, we all gathered 'round the panera bread for unlimited caffeine and slightly limited breadlets. with steven. steven reed. who took two of these pictures.

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