09 May 2008


Hey everyone. Billy showed me this the other day and today Ryan brought in an article on it from the Tennessean, so I figured it was time to get in gear and get on this. It's a photo submittal "competition" of sorts for everyone with a shot of something that says "Nashville" to you. At the end, the photos with the most "votes" will be included in the book. It's free and you can upload as many shots as you want. It's pretty new and the deadline for photos isn't for another 4 months, but you better get your shots on there otherwise it's going to be "Josh Hunter's Nashville!" (I can think of worse alternatives :) )

And if you don't have any shots to put up, then just go vote for mine so maybe I'll at least get ONE in the book!


Joe Southards said...

I think this is a very Nashville pic.


Josh said...

oh yeah! i forget about those old ones. good call and thanks!