05 May 2008


This isn't new software by any means. I've been using versions of it since college, but this weekend I was reminded just how awesome and simple this media player is (whilst finding my way on the new Mac) and thought it deserved some re-recognition. If you don't have it, you should. It's 9mb and I've NEVER been able to give it a video format it can't play. Seriously. It'll play anything and everything. With new video formats popping up all the time, a universal player like this is remarkable and invaluable. (Fortunately, it's also free.)


(I haven't taken diddley-squat in pictures over the last week. Too much freakin out and Mac playin' I s'pose.)


Jon said...

Hey, I actually did have a video type that wouldn't play. I think it was some type of b.s. Mac-only format. I ended up having to download a converter just so that I could open the file.

stupid mac's

Josh said...

haHA! Macs!

(most likely it wasn't a video type to begin with. someone most certainly lied to you.)