06 May 2008


So this is artist I keep hearing lately ("Masterkraft"). So i decided to look them up and found out they're gonna be at Bonnaroo. Looking at their style of music it looks like it'll be an AWESOME late night show (in similar Girl Talk fashion). Which is good since Girl Talk won't be there.

MSTRKRFT (Feat N.O.R.E.) - Bounce (mp3)

We went to see M.I.A. last night. The concert was very much like her website looks. It was awesome(ly loud). It was hot and sweaty too. Makes me excited about Bonnaroo!

This is another song I keep hearing and keep wondering who makes it (the one with the line "all the girls standing in the line for bathroom"). I keep hearing remixes of it, so here you go.

NERD - Everyone Nose (mp3)

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