21 May 2008

Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer: Part II

I don't know if or when the last time you listened to the main theme from Air Force One, but you have to hear this version. It's by the Prague Philharmonic and it's brassy as all get out! I love it. I mean, the song sounds like Fanfare for the Common Man meets Star Trek: First Contact. It's got "overcoming adversity" written all over it! I can totally picture myself throwing some lousy Russian out of an airplane and then in my coolest voice saying something like, "Oh no you did'nt! Signed: America." Or something like that. What's really neat about this version is that it's not the one off the original soundtrack. Generally, I'm not a fan of soundtrack covers, but this one cuts about 6min or so of extra out of the original "Parachutes" track and leaves you with just the main theme. It's awesome.

Jerry Goldsmith [Air Force One (Main Title)]

This second piece is the main theme from the movie Crimson Tide. Hans Zimmer has easily made himself one of my favorite composers over my lifetime. I just love his style. It's usually a bit different though. He likes to incorporate a lot of rhythm into his pieces. However, this one is extremely brassy in the loud parts. And not like, just brass, but like blasting brass. It's awesome. I also love how for the first few minutes the song keeps changing keys... down. Maybe that's on purpose... down... submarines... either way, it's awesome. Then he ends the song with 'Eternal Father Strong to Save' which really just seals the deal for me. Lovely.

Hans Zimmer [Roll Tide (from Crimson Tide)]


Sam said...

I like Danny Elfman and John Williams.

Josh said...

you keep that trash talk on your own blog, sam!

but seriously, i love danny elfman. i mean, doesn't love the Beetlejuice soundtrack?

Sam said...

Do you know John Williams? Just to show what a goober I am, he did the music for star wars episode 1-3. Very big pieces.

Josh said...

haha. i am familiar with the works of john williams. that's like asking you if you've herad of steve jobs. let's not insult each other here :)

i like john williams a lot. Saving private Ryan's Hymn to the Fallen is probably one of my favorite pieces ever. he's obviously done some amazing work, but eventually you come to appreciate some of the other guys out there that you had no idea wrote the [movie title] theme that you love. those are the ones i like finding. i also really like danny elfman. that wasn't sarcasm. edward scissor hands is amazing.