07 May 2008

M.I.A.'s Opener

Holy F*ck is the name of the band. They were the opening act. And while I don't condone their name (for all intents and purposes), they had a neat giant color changing screen behind them. Their show was like an iPod commercial and I couldn't get a clear shot, so I did some 'sperimentin'. Basically, holding the zoom lens stationary, I pressed the shutter release and rotated the camera. (It took a few tries to get "right.")

Holy F*ck

(Full size on black)


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Very cool shot, husbo.

Hey, any come out of M to the I.A.?

Josh said...


yeah i did get 1 or 2 of her, but i'm so stinkin busy at work that i can't get to them. that shot above took surprisingly little (post) work.

scott said...

what did i tell you about 'sperimentin' without protection??