04 November 2003

i would've written something in the past 4 days, but nothing at all has happened worth writing about (until last night). and i mean nothing. i was going to go somewhere in hungary on saturday, but it turns out that saturday was a holiday (and everything was closed). so i didnt want to travel 3 hrs by train just to have the whole town closed. so i think maybe this weekend it will happen.

i was going to go to germany this next weekend with tunde. she is going to visit her husband in Saarbrucken, germany (right on the border with france). and at first i was all about going, but then i found out that she's traveling all through the night, which isnt bad except that i wast to see stuff on the way. so i'm going to go over to the train office this morning and ask them about the possibility of training it to Salzburg and then to Munich. i'm totally pumped about the idea. i hope it works out.

oh yeah! i went and watche the Tallis Scholars last night. man, was that beautiful. i've never heard a choir so well controlled and in such perfect tune with each other (and probably PERIOD). john and i went. it was at this church (and of course i forgot my camera. tard) and, fortunately (thanks to me :) ), we got there an hour early and got awesome seats. it was their 30th anniversary of their first performance. and they did it in Budapest. so that was cool. yeah. just beautiful.

that's all for now. gotta run. (not literally, of course)

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