09 November 2003

you know, all this mail talk makes me think...

first off, like how sarah and i broke up because i sent her fewer letters than the rest of her friends while she was at summer camp and i was at home. the kicker is that i never recieved anything from her. (but that's history and done with.)

then (of course), how jesse sends me stuff all the time. and i really enjoy recieving stuff. i really do. and i try and send stuff back to her (but it hasn't been as much. it's sort of difficult mailing anything but pieces of paper here. the postal employees lack the skill of speaking english.). (also, jesse's mom mailed me toilet paper, of which i am forever grateful.)

but you know what? no one else has sent me anything. i dont even think my parents have. and frankly, i'm perfectly fine with that. some people might take that as "they don't care enough to send me anything even though I'VE sent THEM something", and, well, maybe i should take it like that, but i dont. i'm not sure why, but i could almost care less. i'm not sure why that is.

and this isn't to say that i'm not oh so grateful for what has been sent to me because i really am. but it doesn't ruin my day to find out that i haven't recieved anything from anyone.

go figure.

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