06 November 2003

yeah, so guitar is really hard and i dont think yudai wants to show me how to play. i asked him a question about it yesterday and he wasn't "happy" to help. i dont know. so i tried to play some last night. got frustrated and went to the piano, came back and got my tickets to london! (which i didnt think i was going to get. hard to explain. sort of)

i went to the elementary school this morning and talked to a few more classes and got asked questions and stuff. fun stuff. and in one of them, we listened to a shania twain song and tried to pick out lyrics in it (the kids did. it was like game . . . thing). oh man. i OWNED those kids at that game. i got all the lyrics. i rule.

then i went through another 1.75 hrs of hungarian language. man. what a crazy stupid language. they really ge a kick out of adding suffixes to words. all words.

i think i may visit some places in hungary tomorrow.

oh man, i'm a regular now at this pizza place! we go to it like once or twice a week. so today i was in there and when i went to order, the waitress cut in and said my order. it was so cool! i always order a glass of sima viz (tap water) and a popeye pizza(spinach, sour cream, egg. only i always replace the egg with chicken. egg. what are they THINKing?). yeah, that was cool that she knew.

we went rock climbing tonight, but once i got there i decided against it. it was a really small room ful of guys that looked fairly serious about it. so i said "nem" to that. and now i'm here.


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