26 November 2003

thanksgiving? no thank you.

there was an advertisement for thanksgiving food today at this cafeteria i hate. so i thought, "what the heck. i haven't been since early december. let's do it." never again. they just signed their "not alive anymore" certificate with me. i was prepared for the lowest, worst excuse for thanksgiving food ever. not only did they not have ANY thanksgiving food, but what i DID end up getting just pissed me off. it looked like a big slab of lasagna, but instead of the thick pasta looking layers, it was a thin layer of pasta and the rest of the pasta looking part was mashed potatoes. and it really didn't even taste THAT bad, but it was so thick and heavy, i just couldn't eat it. (the last thing i had there before i put my ban on it back in sept. was some sort of meat/riceballs and potatoes in a tomato soup. i mean, what the F!?) i think they have someone in the back with the job of ruining decent meals. i hate that place.

i watched "Ringu" tonight. it's almost identical to "The Ring." but i think "The Ring" is probably scarier. but the girl at the end of "Ringu" had a WAY creepier walk, so i'll give it that much. oh man. that walk was bad stuff.

i gotta get to movie watching. i only have 5GB of space LEFT on my computer due to all the movies. stupid.

i think tomorrow night we'll all try and eat at a good hungarian place to "celebrate" the old thanksgiving. i've got decently high hopes. we'll see. i think i hate hungarian food though. so that could be a problem.

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