25 November 2003

picture me

so i just got a sweet package from my parents containing cookies and candy. thank you oh so very much.

oh and i got a new jacket for $8 at a second hand store, which makes it harder to spend $70 on a new sweatshirt. so we'll see. i can't decide yet. this jacket, though, is really cool. it's got pockets in crazy places and a patch that says "ZB" on it. it's slighty small, but whatever. that's in now anyay.

and this skating rink is pretty neat. it was so something out of the 20s (or something). all the people were skating around and stuff while they played classical pieces over the loud speaker. i didn't participate, but i may eventually.

okay, here are the shoes i'm leaning towards...

and these are just cool Polo boot made by puma...

and here's the sweatshirt that has caught my fancy... (actually though, i think this one's the wrong colors. the one i like is grey with an orange stripe.)


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