12 November 2003

road trip me

so if you don't already know, i'm totally up for a road trip. i don't care if it takes 2 days to get wherever, my plan is not to go to one place and stay all break. i want to travel around with everyone before i don't see you forever (or something like forever). do you guys realize how easy it is to travel in the US?? well, for starters, it doesnt cost $50/50miles like it does here. it's really ridiculous. even if you had a car, gasoline costs 4 times as much as it does at home. seriously, it's like $1 a liter (actually just a bit more) and of course there are approx 4 liters/gallon. so i'm all about anything. either out west or NYC. i can live with either. out west is beautiful and i've only been as far as wyoming. and i've never been to NYC. so let's do it. let me know who can go. (and dont be a turd, todd. just go). huh. turdular todd. anyway...

i heard a hungarian ska band tonight. that was cool. like the magyar dig-its.

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