28 November 2003

oh yeah. we all (9 of us) went and had dinner at this hungarian restaurant last night. it was delicious. big portions. i'll be back. definitely.

oh, and they sold beer by the liter. how can you resist getting a glass that holds a liter of beer (or anything for that fact)?? well, to make a slightly long story short(er), we all had a few rounds, yada yada yada, now i know that 3.8 L IS, in fact, just a hair too much for me personally.

and dave, my next door neighbor, well, let's just say i thought something had died in his room when i walked past it this morning. aye carumba. (oh yeah, and i had to fight a prostitute off him last night. that was . . . new)

but i'm good ;) (as usual)

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