10 April 2007

The Glastonbury Fire

last week ended... funny. not funny "haha," but funny "holy crap i can't believe how close this was to being one of the worst fridays ever." that kind of funny.

so my mom calls me friday afternoon and says "hey there's an apartment on fire over on glastonbury but i dont know which one it is." F, MOM! so i grab my stuff and run out. as i come around the interstate (downtown) i can see the column of smoke coming from my part of town. i get more nervous.

finally my mom calls back and says it's the biltmore (right across the street from me). i feel relieved at this point. however, i can't get to my apartment by car, so i park and walk (with my camera, of course).

so i go in and make sure Dudley's okay and then start walking around and taking pictures. there were lots of people out there. some were obviously inhabitants of the biltmore. there were about 15 firetrucks out and they were just blasting that place with water. the pressure coming out of the truck was incredible. you could hear it hitting.

we went to see Grindhouse later than night (which was spectacular. i highly recommend it) and when i got back at 1am, they were still hosing that place down.

that was pretty crazy. i'm so incredibly thankful it wasn't our place. i feel terrible for those people who lost their homes and everything in them, but i'm thankful it wasn't us. i'm thankful dudley's okay.


Billy H. said...

Those last 3 pics are GREAT pics! Not a good situation, but great pics. Especially the last one. All black and white with just the flame in color. Did you photoshop that or use that nifty color feature on Jesse's camera?

Josh said...

thanks! yeah the last 2 are my favorite. the one with the fire was done in photoshop. it was all watered down and steamy, but that one little flame was still burning.