16 April 2007

Jesse's Canon SD700 IS

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yeah, so jesse's little Canon has a fantastic macro mode. i'm about an inch away from her eye in these pictures (she's a good sport). look at that shallow depth of field! i really like the color in this other one, but i like the focus and framing (and hairs) in the one above best. if you can help me think of a title, that'd be great. it's hard to think of one that has something to do with an 'eye' but isn't cheesy. so i was thinking "girl eyeball" or something. that one's still up in the air.

(check out the reflection in her eye. can you tell what shirt i'm wearing?)

Dudley's Bizarre Nose
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toddman4000 said...

thats maddox. ho.

Josh said...

correctamundo! you win the secret prize!