27 April 2007

My Week In Mt. Juliet

not a ton to say. we stayed the week in MJ house/dog sitting for my parents. i drove the mustang everyday (it's truly an enjoyable ride every time. once you get beyond the extreme acceleration, it's just a overall lovely driving experience (particularly with the top down)). in general the week went by quickly. here's a little of what i have to show for it...

i took these 2 last night. it was finally clear skies and there's not a ton of light in the sky out in MJ, so i went ahead and tried my LONG exposures out (i've been wanting to try and photograph star trails and see how it turns out).

(16.2 min)

(16.5 min)

not bad i think. although i actually need it to be a LOT darker to pick up all those stars. maybe some other time. camping anyone?

here's some from the night before. the first is how it looked normally. the 2nd is with a 3.25 min shutter speed.

(3.25 min) (taken around 11pm)

these are some others i was messing with. i found some thing in photoshop that do a series of actions (called an "action") with a single click. and then i found some borders that i really liked. check it out.

i dig that stuff. kind of my first "photoshopping" type thing... with borders.

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