10 April 2007

Ratatat & The Decemberists

well, we're in concert season again. they just keep on coming. i'll sleep in july i guess.

first off, we saw the Decemberists the other day. jesse did not enjoy it and i thoroughly enjoyed it. unfortunately, nothing makes me hate people more than standing in the crowd at a show (thus prompting my concert etiquette earlier). and the crowd at this show... man i hated them good. they were all like high school or college freshman hipsters. all the chairs and tables at city hall were being occupied by moms of kids in the crowd who were under 18. wow. that was something.

however, i did see Andy Trexler there, so that was... quite bizarre. i haven's seen him in... 7 years(?) but i recognized him in a split second. funny guy. he's playing this week at The Rutledge (which i'd never even heard of) so i'd like to catch up with him then.

then last night we went to see Ratatat. it was great. the crowd was small, it was no smoking, girls kept trying to rub up against me (just kidding) (sort of), and Ratatat sounded excellent. and we actually got seats at one point!

they had a projector on stage displaying videos to go with each song. it was unique and appreciated.

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