13 August 2007

The Good and the Mattoid

this weekend was pretty fun. busy, but fun. friday night we went to the worst concert ever, luckily Daniel Johnston was there to make it a little better. the first band to open to was Glossary. they were good. the second band was the Mattoid. they were a piece of crap and almost made the whole show not worth it. it was the first time i can recall that i actually contemplated throwing my beer bottle (it was plastic) at the band. (it's the kind of band you expect a famous musician to refer to like "yeah back when i was 13 i fronted the Mattoid. man, that's embarrassing.") anyway, it was neat to see Johnston. he just seems like such a friendly sincere guy; very much like an adult with a child's demeanor (in a good way). you have to respect someone who doesn't try to be anything but themself, and i that's what i get from him.

then saturday, jess and i went to a friend of her's pool party and totally broke off nurtisystem (most of the weekend this happened). i had a hamburger and part of a bratwurst. they were spectacular. oh course, immediately afterwards my reflux was back in full swing. the diet really helps that.

later on we went out with todd and his new Estonian friends, Toomas and Marit. they were very friendly and i hope they enjoyed our "tour" of nashville. we went over to the Basement to see a secret Maria Taylor show. it sucked for her because there were only like 30 people there, but it was awesome for us because only like 30 people were there. she sounded fantastic. you just can beat seeing someone play 7ft in front of you for $5 in that place. you can't.

then we had pizza and beer last night. like i said, we're pretty much writing off this past weekend. i hope we can do better in florida this next week.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

What about the part when we went on the lake in Gallatin and you waterskid?! yes-skid. We had a boat picnic, compliments of me madre.

Josh said...

i'd rather not talk about my waterskid'n. but the sandwiches were delicious.

Marit & Toomas said...

Thanks for the tour, we enjoyed it. And the concert was great. Greetings to you, Jesse, Todd, and the cats.

Josh said...

happy to show you around. glad you guys had fun.