28 August 2007

I REALLY Like These

jess and i went out to watch the sunset downtown (which is so great from the walking bridge) and hung around till dark. i havent had a lot of time to go through them all, but these were 2 that really stood out to me. i just... i really like them.

Nashville on the River

The Nashville Shoreline

it's also come up recently that i might should "protect" my pictures better (mostly because i don't trust any of you leeches). nah i'm just kidding (about the leeches part). but it's an odd feeling doing that (like putting my name on it) because it makes this statement that "i think my pictures are good enough that you might steal them," but being a relatively humble person (relatively, mind you), i don't like saying that. so i have to weigh the 2 outcomes i could have: a) i feel stupid for putting my name on it and maybe someone out there see it and says, "don't bother, buddy" OR b) i dont put my name on it and someone DOES steal it and i feel like an idiot when i see someone else taking credit for my photo. so, i'm leaning more towards the first one.

what do you think?


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Pictures are nice, but your blog font is making me feel like I'm 70 (too big!). :*

Josh said...

thanks, but no way man! if it's good enough for maddox, it's good enough for me.

scott said...

i like your stupid pictures-

labor day weekend frolf?!

Josh said...


and yes. saturday morning?