07 August 2007

Okay Here's What I Got So Far

any suggestions? there are a few i can't decide between...


Lot 1 - Child

Lot 2 - Male

Miami Josh (can't decide if i actually want to go through with this one or not. seems... wrong.)


Lot 11 - Animals/Farm or Pet

(i'll remove that film frame border)


Lot 18 - City (Capture the flavor of a city; photograph must be recognizable as being in a city)

Nashville From the Coliseum

Lot 21 - Transportation

Bug-Eyed Bel Air (i'll make the whole thing in color)

Lot 22 - Special Effects

i dont know if maybe all the color isolation ones from below should go in Color Special effects section or the B&W Special Effects section. Maybe the Planet Roo one below in the "Open" should go in the B&W special effects. dang. what do you think?

Lot 23 - Candid (unposed - photos that capture people being themselves)

Refreshment for the Masses

Lot 25 - Open (photos that do not fit one of the above categories)

Sunday Feet on a Saturday


Lot 1 - People

Richard & Mark or Mark

Lot 7 - Photojournalism


Finding a Way (this was also a good choice but it's hard to crop it down to the right size and not lose important aspects

Lot 8 - Special Effects

Location Location Location

or Choices

or Today Was a Good Day

Lot 9 - Open (none of the above only)

Music City Tanks (i'll remove the film frame border)

or The One and Only

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