22 August 2007

Return of the Film

jess and i went to Panama City beach with my parents, brother, and grandmother this past weekend. a few years back that wouldn't have sounded very appealing, but nowadays, it's pretty fun. i especially enjoy spending time with my grandmother now. she's quite funny and it makes me wish i'd had the chance to get to know the rest of my grandparents.

so we had a good time. i like messing with underwater pictures, so i brought the little 35mm underwater camera. the underwater case for my dSLR looks like this:

...and costs $1200, so i thought i'd just stick to the $20 film one... for the time being. it's (the 35mm) fun to mess with because it really puts you to the test letting you prove whether or not it's you that makes the picture and not the equipment. (i also took my HOLGA, but have yet to finish the roll.)

i like these 2-for pictures. they're called diptychs (i guess pronounced like it looks). they're cool because you can take 2 not so special pictures and put them together to make a scene that says so much more. i enjoy them. they give your photoshop creative side something to tackle.

(jess took these on her parasailing adventure with my mom. she made her photo obsessive husband proud.)

so yeah, great vacation. much needed. here are a few more that came out good.

there's more news, but that's all for this post.

okay okay, two more things:

1. i won one 1st place, five 2nd places, and one 3rd place in the wilson co fair (photography). 7 out of 10 entries ain't bad at all.
2. we've been accepted into the Peace Corps and we think we're going to be stationed in the Caribbean. how do YOU like THEM apples?

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

And your artsy Momma didn't do badly either! You guys make me sick with proud-ness. :P