06 August 2007

Hey Everybody. I Need Your Help.

If you have a few extra minutes, could you help me pick out pictures for the Wilson County Fair? I've listed the categories below and I'm mostly going to pick from mine on Flickr. Here are those. (and of course, any can be made to B&W or vice versa.) And I can only enter 1 in each category and 10 total. Anywho, thanks for the help. (Picking the right category is the hardest part.)

Division I - Color

Lot 1 - Child
Lot 2 - Male
Lot 3 - Female
Lot 4 – Multiple (2 or more)
Lot 5 - Landscape
Lot 6 - Waterscape
Lot 7 – Skyscape (sunsets, clouds, etc.)
Lot 8 – Weather (snow scene, etc.)

Lot 9 - Plants/Flowers
Lot 10 - Animals/Wildlife
Lot 11 - Animals/Farm or Pet
Lot 12 - Insects
Lot 13 - Birdlife
Lot 14 - Other Nature

Lot 15 - Sports/Action
Lot 16 - Architecture (building or close-up of part of building, bridges, other structures)
Lot 17 - Landmark/Monument
Lot 18 - City (Capture the flavor of a city; photo must be recognizable as being in a city. Examples: skyline, rush-hour traffic, sidewalk crowd, etc.)
Lot 19 - Country (Capture the flavor of a country setting. Examples: country store, farm, field of hay bales, barn, etc.)
Lot 20 - Still Life (A set-up shot of non-living objects only: fruits, vegetables, cut flowers are permitted; people, animals are NOT permitted as subject of photo)
Lot 21 - Transportation (Past or present)
Lot 22 - Special Effects (produced naturally, such as multiple exposures, time-lapse, infrared film, flash effects, special use of filters, etc.,OR special processing, dark room techniques or computer manipulated which changes the initial photographic content or composition, such as superimposing, hand coloring, vignettes, etc.)
Lot 23 - Candid (Unposed - photos that capture people being themselves)
Lot 24 - Photojournalism (Photos that tell a story)
Lot 25 - Open (photos that do not fit one of the above categories)

Division II - Black & White

Lot 1 - People
Lot 2 - Landscape, waterscape or skyscape
Lot 3 - Animal (Wildlife, insects, pets, birdlife)
Lot 4 - Plants/Flowers
Lot 5 - Architecture
Lot 6 - Still Life
Lot 7 - Photojournalism
Lot 8 - Special Effects
Lot 9 - Open (None of the above only)


toddman4000 said...

(3rd ave. in nashville)

div. ii; lot 5

Josh said...

if it had be a category for "city" i'd agree, but i think the picture doesn't really focus on architecture. too bad. i like that one.