02 August 2007

Neat Image

So I'm sure all (four) of you have had issues with excess "noise" in a picture (PARTICULARLY indoor/night pictures). Well, I also have that problem. my camera only goes down to 200 ISO (most go down to at least 100) (and of course, the higher the ISO the more noise you get). Anyway, Photoshop has a "noise reduction" feature in it, but I dont think it does a very good job, so I was looking at other programs and came across Neat Image. I'm REALLY impressed with these first results. I barely even know how to use the program and got these results (the left is original and the right is "de-noised"):

Man. It REALLY cleaned that baby picture up. So nice.

Would you get a load of this doodoo!? (the good kind):

(this is 100% showing the preview of the corrected image inside the box. LOOK AT THAT.)

You can download the demo version or just grab the full thing off... shmitshmorrent.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Makes skin look perfect too (do this to all my close-ups!).

That is a funny baby. huh.

Josh said...