21 March 2008

Happy Good Friday

1.) Listening to Colbert's book at work. Too funny. Here are some quotes I enjoyed.

Buddism. Here's another go figure religion. "Hey why don't we all put on robes and sit in a rock garden and just, like, be aware?" Exactly. That's the easiest rhetorical question I've ever asked. Buddism instructs its followers to forsake attachment to material things. I say go for it guys. That's just more material things for those of us who have enough sense to glorify our Lord with speedboats.

Sodom and Gomorrah. If you ever wonder what God thinks about sodomy just ask a Sodomite. Oh that’s right; you can’t because God destroyed them all with fire and brimstone.

Ha. Speedboats.

2.) There's this bizarre little furry bug character in Horton Hears a Who. She's THE most random part of the whole movie and whenever she's on screen she does something totally creepy and random and it's hilarious. here's one of them...

3.) I've always enjoyed MSNBC's Week in Pictures page, but after some time learning about quality and whatnot, I really REALLY enjoy them. To me, they're like, the pinnacle of awesome photojournalism nowadays. I just got done going through weeks and weeks on their site and it's just... awesome. I don't know what those people are doing there at the right place and time, but I'm glad they're there.

4.) A friend from church sent me an email telling me they make Safari for Windows now. Not one to shy away from new things, I've been giving it a go this week. It's interesting. It's not as universal (in terms of reading all websites and applications) as firefox or explorer, but it's pretty darn fast. It seems to use a little less memory than Firefox, it loads pages faster, and the colors/contrast are different. It's odd. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but the contrast is different; seems more saturated or something. Anyway, it's new; it's different; it's worth checking out.



Josh Bush said...

While you are trying new browsers, give Firefox 3 beta 4 a whirl. I see noticeable speed and memory improvements.

Josh said...

well definitely. i heard they were about to come out with a new version but i didnt know if it was out yet or not.

i hope it has memory improvements. Firefox seems to suck up memory like crazy. maybe that's due to greasemonkey. i'm not sure.