24 March 2008


Hey wanna watch The Big Lebowski?

Family Guy Movie?

Perhaps you'd prefer any episode of Arrested Development or Sunny in Philidelphia?

Or maybe just SNL?

Holy crap. So Billiard(king of pop culture) just sent me this. I've seen some videos from Hulu before but never thought much about it. They have all these movie and shows on their site for free. AND it looks like they're doing it LEGALLY with permission from all these networks.

I don't know what else to say. Okay I just thought of something: wow. Yeah. So thanks for the heads up, Billy. Everyone else, you really should check out all the stuff they have up already.


(oh, and they have 3 Amigos! on there. snap)


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Thanks Billy! (Thanks, Josh.)

Billy H. said...

"king of pop culture" has nice ring to it. lol

Summer V. said...

I should check this out. We are old school: we don't have cable! It would be nice to find something worth watching on a lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon.