19 March 2008

Josh Gives Concert Photography a Shot

(Ingrid Michaelson & Joshua Radin, respectively)

Usually, I just bring my Olympus to concerts so i can record parts of songs, however, I did not last night. I really want to get a press pass for Bonnaroo this year, so (and while I really don't know how possible that is) I thought I'd give it a go last night in hopes of getting some practice. The Exit/In seems like the most difficult lighting (other than no lighting) to shoot under. It's pretty dim and the only lights are spotlights, so there's no middle ground on light and dark. 

For what it's worth, all of these were taken at 50mm, f/2-ish on ISO 1600. Then I used some major noise reduction in PS with Neat Image. (That first one of Ingrid was a lucky catch of someone else's flash.)

Things I could've improved on... I could've moved more. I was off to the side and didn't feel wading up to the front for a shot was worth it that night (i mean, this was just for me). That's the biggest one i can think of. I could also use more zoom. 50mm is essentially the same zoom/field of vision as your eyes. So, something over 100mm would be lovely (and I think I have just the lens for that).

By the way, the concert was great. We were excited to see Ingrid Michaelson and Joshua Radin. They seemed like super nice people. The appeared quite genuine and I can imagine them being great fun to be around.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Good entry, babe, and good concert picks.

The top one of Ingrid is my favorite. Maybe I can hold an external flash somewhere else in the room next time, to re-create the right scenario. ;)

Josh said...


and that's actually an awesome idea! i mean, that would be perfect! ha. good one.