17 March 2008

I Love Excuses to Get Together with Friends

And this was no exception. I hope everyone had as good of time as I did. I feel like I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I would've liked, but hopefully you got to talk to someone... for... as much as you liked. Anywho, some pictures! (NOTE: I apologize for any unflattering pictures of anyone. I just takes what I sees. Just kidding. I just like unflattering pictures :) )

The lovely bakeries made by my wife... delicious.

"The flag is fine, Dudley! Go put your shirt on!"

(ha. Dudley, the Black-Irish Pimp (thanks, Jon))

Jesse wondering if it's time to party yet. Steve is... sad... that it might not be time to party yet.

Huh. Billy, Jody, & Chris (sorry you're mid drink there, billy)

Cara... impersonating Dudley?

Quite possibly the most disturbing Todd image ever.

I'll make it up to you, Todd, with this fat Josh pic.

More people!

I can't believe I didn't think about this before, but the wireless flash was a pretty fun party prop. I could just give it to people and let them point it wherever while I took a picture. As you can see, Billy and Jody enjoyed it.

And just when I think I may have run out of uses for the fisheye, it goes and reminds me of how it's the absolute best party/group shot lens ever. You really couldn't ask for more. ALSO, many props to Summer's husband Thomas for his awesome faces in the group shots. He had some good ones. (And look at my Mr. Fantastic arms go!)

But of course, none of this would've happened with the (my) most awesome party plannin' wife. I couldn't possibly ask for more.

I think the cats helped too, but not nearly as much.

(Of course, if anyone wants any of these full size, just let me know. I gots 'em.)


Jon said...

Haha. Dudley is a little Irish pimp with his collar up. Or maybe he just got done watching Saturday Night Fever and he thought, 'yes, this is for me'

toddman4000 said...

thats not the worst shot of me, i actually like it. im like.. asleep. and crap.

Josh said...

i guess i just thought the combination of half closed eyes, moustache, and distortion of your head was hilarious.

the head distortion was bringing back memories (i have to find that picture).