26 March 2008

No Good Deed...

Well, I was in the Harris Teeter parking lot yesterday waiting to get out when I had my first encounter with a runaway cart. I saw it moving, but it wasn't going to hit me. It was heading straight for this BMW who was not able to get out of the way of it. I didn't think I had time to undo my seatbelt and run around my car to grab it, so my video game instincts must have taken over because I decided to stop it with my car (more accurately I thought I'd tap it with the bumper and maybe stop it). Well, I did slow it down enough for the BMW guy to get out of the way, so that was good. I kept meaning to check it out last night and see if I messed anything up, but forgot till this morning. Obviously, I messed something up.

Not a huge deal. $40. Ah well.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

You're too funny. My game at the office party was to find the person with the other half of the phrase. So, one would have, "Loose lips" and someone else would have "sink ships." Get it?

We're on the same wavelength!

Josh said...

huh. so glad :)

Jon said...

if you ever want to apply for secret service I guess this situation may help. "Willing to put car on the line for another car"

maybe you could save the president's limo from oncoming bird crap or something?