28 March 2008

Jody's One Man Comedy Spectacular

...Starring Jody and a couple other people. Well... something like that. We went to see Jody do stand up last night as part of a monthly (i think) comedy troop he's a part of (feel free to correct me, Jody). It started out a bit rough (the comedy, not Jody) but it got to be pretty funny. I'm really tough on stand-up comedy. It's just... it's like watching someone do karaoke or some recital, I get so nervous for the person and at the first sign of things not going well I start to sweat. On top of that, I have fairly high expectations for what makes me laugh, so stand-up... well, I don't usually go to stand-up.

However, I ended up really enjoying this one. All of the comedians seemed to have a really good sense of humor, not just in telling jokes, but in reacting to mistakes and crowd comments. It's always nice to see someone roll with the punches. And of course, Jody was hilarious. Rather than a typical "So I was flying to Albuquerque the other day...," he reads from his "diary" regarding various days/activities. I think it's a good way to add a little uniqueness to a market I'm sure is rather difficult to stand out in.

Something I find funny is that Jody told me he attributes most of the way his sense of sarcasm is now to me (high school me). I find this funny, because I attribute a HUGE amount of my overall sense of humor to him. Funny how that works.

Jody's date did not like the camera. (Tyler pointed out to me that it looks like I was taking a picture of Jody's date and Jody ran in to shove her out of the way and get in the picture. I agree with that.)

Shameless self promotion on Jody's shirt...

I wish I could say, "A face like this happens when...", but I have no idea. I just opened my mouth and this was the photo we got.

On the other hand, I really really enjoy this shot of Jess. She looks surprised/anxious/confused. It's a face you don't normally catch. I guess it only lasts a split second normally. And the light is cool.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

In those seated shots of on-stage Jody, it looks like he's got his "shadowglasses" on...like sunglasses, only...darker.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Also the one of we 3: Your head sort of reminds me of baby-head Josh from before!

Joe Southards said...

Thanks, Josh. I think I did push Siobhain out of the way. I'm a camera hog. The pic of Jesse looks like a screen shot from a movie. And one correction: the show is monthly, but it's not really a troupe. It's more of a community. Feel free to visit NashvilleStandUp.com. Thanks for coming out and thanks for the pictures.