04 March 2008

No. 26

Well, I'm closer to 30 now. So... that's good.

Don't know much now. It's always nice to see how many people like you enough to say "have a good one." I mean, I know the internet reminds everyone, but so does a calender. It still takes effort though, so thanks to everyone.

Thought maybe you'd like to see a before and after with a recent shot. This is probably the most "illustrated-like" shot thus far, but it's still fun.


International Plaza Sunset

More Gold Building!


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

What are floaty-balls and what do they look like?

Josh said...

photos of floaty-balls to come.

KG said...

Happy Birthday!!! And cool pictures!!

Josh said...

thanks, kara!

scott said...

so is the final picture just the first 3 at different exposures combined together?

Josh said...

yeah. step one is combining them in a program called Photomatix (you can use it with any photos). then, in photoshop, i adjust the colors and levels and add a magenta gradient (for these 2). then i use a tool in PS called Unsharp Mask. it's magic. the last thing i do is reduce the noise with a PS plugin.

so, i guess kind of a lot goes into one of these.

Jon said...

Colorful colors aside, those pictures in no way resemble a frisbee.


Josh said...

jon brings up an interesting point. one that i'm not prepared to answer at the moment. and even if i was, i just don't know what he's talking about.

i need to try something with my LED frisbee. there's GOTTA be something i can do with that.