29 February 2008

Friday (Tieday)

Well... I've come into some watches recently (sorry that's not the best picture). I purchased my first Suunto (Core) the other day through Todd's Mega-Discount Outdoor Market. Got a sweet deal. The watch has a barometer, altimeter (which does an excellent job telling me the weather for the next day), compass, depth... meter, sunrise/set times, and time (amongst other standard features). Another feature, which I unexpectedly got to try out earlier this week, is that the battery is extremely easy to change. It's made so you can unscrew the back using a quarter; just pop the old battery out, new one in, and screw it back on. Boom. $2. Done. So that's good for upcoming times. (ALSO, I've yet to put a scratch on the face! Every time I get a new watch, I always ALWAYS put a huge scratch in the crystal the first week I have it.)

So I thought I was kind of set on watches (my solar Casio Pathfinder is still running like a champ), however, when my parents came back from their cruise the other day, they brought back a birthday present for me: a new Citizen watch. ...So that was unexpected. I felt like my dad, who seems to always go out and buy himself something before his bday or christmas that someone has already gotten him as a present. Anyway, what a watch. It's one of their solar powered Eco-Drive diver watches. Really solid (although I can only dive down to 1000ft, so, you know, not perfect :) ). The only thing I didn't like was how skinny the band was, so I replaced it with an Australian diver's band. I really like it. $15. Can't beat it.

So... I'm set on watches. For a long time. That Citizen will probably outlast me.

Couple last things here... Wearing the 8-Bit Tie again today. This time with a less distracting shirt (yes that's my bathroom at work). I like it. Did I mention it's a clip-on? I think that really adds to the silliness of it. "Silly." That sounds a bit non-heterosexual to say out loud. I should use it less.

This was an article of interest on Jeff Mangum, The Salinger of Indie Rock

And finally, some music. Pretty sure I haven't recommended this one to anyone thus far. This is some electronic stuff from Sweden. The guy's moniker is The Field. At first I thought this it was really stupid. I couldn't figure out why it received such high reviews. It's SO repetitive that using the word "repetitive" is underselling it's repetitiveness. However, after some time I've really gotten to enjoy it. It's not for all occasions, but as background music or something to drive you while working (out), it's awesome. You might not like it (at first), but you should at least give the first (shorter) song a listen (on GOOD headphones!). He creates this whole song out of like 3 sec samples of well known songs (you won't recognize anything though unless he plays the sample at the end). It's... it's neat. Just try it.

The Field - Over the Ice

The Field - Morning (This is one off his new EP. I think it's 15min. Nuts.)

That's all. G'night.


scott said...

whats with the tie wearing at work? new dress-code or did you just want to go for the 8-bit?

Billy H. said...

My boss would never let me wear the 8-bit tie. Actually, he would probably throw a fit. The kind of fit that it wouldn't even be worth even trying to wear the tie to begin with. :(

Josh said...

no new code, just wanted to give it another shot. my bosses didn't even say anything about it. kind of weird.

so yeah, that sucks, billy (to have such a crap boss).

AlextheCat said...

Like the tie...it's the colors of Inter Milan.. which by the way just lost against Liverpool last night in Milano :S

I'm liking the tunes, listening to it in my sony ;) If you like this you probably know Chicane and Rui Da Silva, or Paul Van Dyke. Check out the podcasts by Pete Tong at BBC1 on iTunes, they are great to work out with!