07 February 2008

The Fiery Furnaces

Went to see the Fiery Furnaces last night at Exit/In. I wasn't too pumped about going cause we've been low on sleep lately (as usual), but I'm glad I went. Not so much because I thought it was the greatest show ever, but because I would've regretted not seeing what they were like in person.

It was odd how few people were there for this relatively well known indie band. You're happy it's not crowded, but you feel bad that more people haven't show up. At the end they said they were going to play their encore piece without going off and waiting for the applause signal because they didn't want to take any chances. They said it in good humor, but I felt bad for them. There appeared to be a few hardcore fans in the front though, so hopefully that made it worth it for the band.

I think the Friedbergers were probably very nice people, but I really couldn't get into the show. Jess and I decided they were like Mates of State, only less melodic and more metal... and they weren't married. I think their EP is really the only thing of theirs I could really get into. Everything now is too out there for me to enjoy. The tempo changes all the time, the melody is not very pleasing or prominent, and in general, it's just too darn cacophonous for me. (Maybe if I was more of a lyrics person, the story-like songs would be more fun, but I'm not. I'm a music guy.)

I really won't be surprised when they do the soundtrack to some indie movie in the next couple years (it might be a scary indie movie though). I think they'd do well at that.


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

That's a way better picture than mine!

Josh said...

i had the zoom AND a table, so that helped.