04 February 2008

Because I REALLY Want You to Listen

I realize that it's probably a pain to go to another site, wait 10-20sec, download a file, and then listen to it. SO I've gone to greater lengths to make it easier for you to hear what I want you to hear. Thus I give you, the embedded mp3 player. I can't make it any easier. For real.

(Okay, you might have to pause it and give it a sec to load. I can't do it ALL. And for some reason it only loaded half of the first song, so let me know if that doesn't work. Sheesh. I'm not a magician!)

(Also, if you have a better idea for an mp3 player I'd love to hear it... Jeff... Josh Bush I'm looking in your direction...)

1 comment:

Billy H. said...

Project playlist is a pretty good way to share music. I have one on my myspace page. If you have somewhere where you can upload the files, you can just link them to your playlist. Its not perfect but its useful....