04 February 2008

Ghetto Jugs

Just when I thought my site couldn't bring in any more than 12 viewers a day, I come across a delightful surprise such as this. Of course, I have a site counter on here that lets me know where people come from and how they get here. Every now and then I get some really fun Google searches. This is one. Apparently, if you Google "watch ghetto jugs," I am the sixth site to be listed on there. Not bad, eh? I don't even know if you can BUY that sort of ranking. So to the individual who inadvertently happened on my blog instead of (or in addition to) the other choices out there, whether or not this was what you were looking for, I at least hope it was to your liking.


(UPDATE: As of writing this post, I am now number ONE in searching for ghetto jugs! Which, interestingly enough, actually puts me higher than GhettoJugs.com! How bizarre Google is (however, I'm only #3 if you leave "watch" out of your search). And I think I just figured out how to get more hits on my site: Randomly title my blog posts using sexually suggestive/ambiguous words. It's almost too easy...)

(Also, for the record, joshhunter.com does does not endorse nor is it affiliated with ghettojugs.com)


jesse elizabeth hunter said...

nice shirt! ;)

Josh said...

no one's even noticed. (for everyone else, i've been wearing the same outfit to work all week and no one's said a word.)